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Golf Pride Multi Compound .60 M/Size Platinum/WhiteGolf Pride Multi Compound .60 M/Size Platinum/White

Golf Pride Multi Comp Plus4 ALIGN Mid Size Grip Grey

ManufacturerGolf Pride
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The Golf Pride MCC Align grip is the perfect all-weather grip, which provides consistent hand placement for better accuracy playing golf. This multi compound golf grip has Align Technology to help you square the club face more consistently, with a micro-diamond distinctive ridge texture, plus4 simulates having 4 layers of added tape on the lower part of the grip, for lighter pressure and more power. This firmer red ridge rises and extends down the back of the grip to aid better hand alignment locking the hands in the correct position every time.

The MCC Plus4 ALIGN Grip Features:

  • Align Technology
  • Micro-Diamond Texture
  • Raised Ridge & Carved Channels
  • Superb All-Weather Grip




Grip Type-1
Grip Type-1
  • Gents Grips

Grip Size
Grip Size
  • Mid Size
  • Golf Pride
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