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Thanks for visiting Golfmarket, I hope you find our site useful and even better if you find a golf club that will help improve your enjoyment of the game. We’re always here to help you, in anyway we can.

Golfmarket was set up by Graham Whelan with the help of his golfing buddy Sam Lonergan. When on the look out for a change of equipment and not always wanting to pay top dollar for the latest new golf clubs, we noticed it was not always easy to source a particular type of good quality used club in Ireland. It was also not that easy to shift your old clubs, as our sheds would testify to!

Golfmarket was set up to provide a range of quality used and new golf clubs to the Irish Market and a trade in facility for old unwanted clubs. Giving customers the confidence to purchase online from a local source. Based in Dublin 12 we supply guaranteed authentic clubs with a 14 day money back guarantee - if the clubs don’t suit, plus a 6 month warrantee should the clubs become defective - see Terms & Conditions. We want to give you peace of mind, a quality service and product at the right price.

The majority of our used second hand golf clubs are sourced from large Authorised Retailers, PGA Professionals in Ireland, UK and USA. We also purchase from consumers as trade–in's and for cash, all our clubs are thoroughly inspected for authenticity and rated before going up on our site.

There is no shortage of used clubs available online, from personal experiences we found that with delivery charges and any Import Duty and VAT if purchased outside Europe, the price can really add up and that bargain from the States, doesn't work out so cheap. With so many counterfeit clubs plaguing the online market, it can be a risky business also, if you are not confident of the source of the clubs.                         

Golfmarket will give you peace of mind with no fakes, no expensive international delivery charges, no nasty surprises down the road with VAT/Duty invoices.


Happy Golfing!




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